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Shipping Container Homes

Modern homes appeals to many buyers and homeowners looking to update their current living conditions. Many scour the market relentlessly, searching for homes that are stylish, unique, and cost effective. Some even look for environmentally-friendly, or green homes, which provide a sustainable quality of life as well as being kind to the Earth.

Shipping Container Home

This is why recycling shipping containers, and turning them into modern, artistic, luxury homes and retreats has become a new trend in housing. Some of the latest shipping container homes to make waves in the market are described below.

A dual container home designed by CG Architects in Brittany, France features emerald green accents on the one shipping container cantilevered above the other, that serves as the foundation. The home features traditional layouts, with the living and dining area on the first floor, and the bedrooms above.

CG Architects Shipping Container Home

In Cove Park, Scotland, on the 50 acre area of the west coast is a community of artists. Container City created an artist retreat of studios in 2002 that was made of shipping containers set on the water. The retreat was well received, and six more cubes made from shipping containers were added in 2006.

Home in Container City, Cove Park, Scotland

In China, Argency (a firm based in Copenhagen) developed the WFH House from three stacked shipping containers. The façade is covered in sustainable bamboo, and the home is complete with a variety of environmentally-friendly features, such as a rainwater collection system, a solar roof, permeable paving, and skylights.

Argency WFH House

Across the ocean, in San Antonio, Texas, stands a garden retreat and guesthouse that, despite being only 8' by 40', features the comfort of a modern home. Designed by Poteet Architects, the floor to ceiling glass doors in this shipping container add natural light, and the garden home boasts heating and air conditioning, bamboo floors and walls for a warm and inviting feeling, a sink and shower for guests, and a fully functioning compost toilet. The green planted roof insulates the home, and adds a touch of beauty to the garden theme. The deck is made from recycled soda bottles, which extends the idea of eco-friendly living.

Poteet Architects Shipping Container Guest House

Mazair Behrooz, a Long Island, New York based architect, created a simple yet stunning artist's studio out of two 8' by 40' shipping containers. The studio is two stories high, and has a bright open layout which features breathtaking views of the surrounding woods, perfect for inspiring an artist's work. The exterior of the studio was painted a deep charcoal color which matches the nearby home.

Mazair Behrooz Shipping Container Artist Studio

This is an overview of how shipping containers can be repurposed into dwellings. Many creative minds around the world are finding unique ways in which used shipping containers can be turned into new homes.

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