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If you have ever been in a city that sits beside a major waterway, you have likely seen big ships go by, laden down with shipping containers that seem to reach up and touch the sky. You have likely wondered what was inside those containers and where they were headed, but we can bet that very few of you ever looked at them and imagined them as your potential new home.

Shipping Container Aparments in France

While it may sound like something reserved for the homeless, shipping containers have actually become quite the growing trend for those looking for an alternative style of home.

The biggest boom in the shipping container apartment trend can be found in China, where they are having find ways to deal with the millions of migrant workers currently employed in the country. What the government did was look at that number in relation to the massive influx of shipping containers that have come via their booming economy.

They combined the two to come up with a solution that is being viewed by many as quite the stroke of genius. They get to re-purpose shipping containers that would normally be left to rust, so that they can create affordable housing for those millions of migrant workers.

Shipping Container Apartments in China

While the idea of shipping container apartments in that context may make you think of squalid living conditions, it is actually not the case at all. The apartments are actually quite cozy and comfortable, although perhaps not as glamorous looking as the ones that are now popping up in Le Havre, France.

The container apartments found there are very much being sold on the luxury end of the scale. It's easy to see why, as they are architecturally quite stunning to look at. You would never be able to tell right away that they were old shipping containers, save perhaps for the doors, which still bear that unmistakable look.

Container Apartments in Amsterdam

The major difference between the shipping container projects in China and those in France is that the latter apartments have been put together using brand new containers. While it's somewhat understandable that they would go that route when selling a luxury type property, it does somewhat defeat the purpose of what is supposed to be being achieved by recycling used shipping containers for homes.

In short, the whole reason for using containers is to make apartments that are environmentally friendly. These containers would otherwise be left to rust, which when you consider their size and strength, is a process that would take years and years to complete.

Colorful Container Apartments

Rather than having an ever growing pile of rusting metal, people are starting to get creative and find ways to solve the housing problem in some parts of the world, whilst also doing something that will benefit the environment for years to come.

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