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Ecopod Homes

Smaller container houses that are quite environmentally friendly are sometimes known as Ecopods. They are safe for you to live in, and are usually constructed from reclaimed steel shipping containers. Ecopods may be used for storage, workshops or living area, and the way you finish them will be dependent on your intended use.

Ecopod House

Ecopods are Eco-friendly, easily designed and they have many potential uses. They leave a very small environmental footprint, so they are Earth-friendly. Some companies have gone further with the basic idea of Ecopods, incorporating rubber floors from reclaimed car tires. They may also have their appliances and electrical outlets supplied by energy from solar panels mounted on the roof. The toilets are usually composting systems that only require minimal maintenance, and are very cost-effective, as compared to conventional septic systems.

Ecopods allow you to add extra space where it is needed, whether you work from your new home, or need a workshop or storage area. You can set up a separate area for working from home, so that you'll have the privacy you need without being far away from the rest of your family.

Ecopod Design with Solar Panels on Top

Pod People ...

Ecopods have been used for offices, play rooms, summer homes or art studios. They also make great garden rooms, where you can enjoy the outdoors. Being Eco-friendly, these pods make use of a great deal of reclaimed and recycled materials, and the pod can be blended with your garden or yard. They are relatively easy to install, and they're ready for use as soon as they're in.

Pod living is a different way to live, to be sure. Some pods resemble garden sheds, but others can be made into your permanent dwelling. They can be made to blend well into areas that have natural beauty that you don't want to destroy.

Some Ecopods have a futuristic look to them, with less conventional design. These can still be made from materials that are environmentally friendly. You may also opt to use some traditional building methods along with modern processes, to make the perfect house for your purposes. Timber is sometimes used to create a skeleton, especially if you want a shape different from the storage container you may be using for the house.

Ecopod with Fence

Blending In ...

Recycled insulation is another way these homes are friendly to the Earth. The windows and doors are often made from Green materials, as well. If you want your Ecopod to blend in with the trees in the area, you can use Cedar edged cladding, which will blend with the trees as it ages.

Many Ecopods are quite modern in their appearance, although some incorporate a more traditional look overall. When they are finished, they can offer you nearly all the amenities you may be accustomed to in conventional homes. Ecopods can also be stylish (see photo above). They don't need to look like storage containers.

Conclusion ...

The striking appearance of many pods and the environmentally friendly construction materials and methods make the Ecopod the perfect place to settle down and become a part of the nature around you.

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