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How to Decorate Shipping Container Homes

We live in a world in which just having a shelter, food and clothing is purely not enough. The living mentality of people has evolved continuously in the past decades and random bursts on non-conformism are not something unusual anymore. If you are one of the people who feel unrepresented by the masses, you could make a statement by owning a house that is completely different from the norm.

Comfortably Decorated Container House

Shipping container homes are the result of people deciding they wanted to live in residences that are more and more diverse, which suit their particular needs the best. Even though the idea may seem absurd to many at a first glance, there is more to it than meets the eye.

Recycled shipping containers actually make a great basic construction material for people who love a challenge. The only downside of deciding to leave your white fence home or loft for a home that is made out of shipping containers is the fact that there are not too many decorating possibilities. However, with a bit of imagination, you can transform the design of your new residence into something that is actually interesting and original.

Poetry of Paint ...

Painting the containers in your favorite colors seems like a good way to start, especially because this is the cheapest and most handy procedure of improving the aspect of your home. Next, you could consider cutting some sections out for sliding doors and windows. You could also consider building small patio in front of your home, because this way the rain will not smash directly into your door.

Interior of a Container Home with Plenty of Light

Breath of Fresh Air ...

Moreover, it will offer you a nice place to relax when you feel like a breath of fresh air. A good idea is to use combinations of colors and materials that are bold and make a statement, as your home will thus gain a lot of personality and it will not be seen as an absurd project anymore, but more like an original and creative residence.

If you have taken the shipping container home concept seriously and you own a large house structured on two or more levels, the possibilities are actually countless, especially if the structures inside are separated by glass sliding doors that permit the visitor to glance at the other rooms.

As this is certainly not a traditional house, you should take advantage of this opportunity and decorate the structures in a non-conventional way, including unexpected color choices and materials that don't seem to belong together, such as glass and wood.

Spacious Container House Interior with Modern, Casual Furniture

Space is the Place ...

One of the main difficulties of living in a shipping container home is the lack of space. This means that you should avoid purchasing too much furniture, because this will make the place looked more crammed than it is.

A minimalist style assorted with vivid colors is the style that goes best with this kind of living spaces. Add plenty of accessories on the walls and in the bedroom / kitchen in order to avoid the feeling that you are somewhere on camping.

Conclusion ...

The possibilities are actually endless; all you need is boldness and lots of imagination.

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