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Container home pictures, images and photos are contained upon this page. As you'll see from the shipping container home pictures, they are anything but boring. Cargo container homes can be economical or they can be lavish. These choice is up to you and your builder, architect and interior designer as to how creative and exotic you'd like to be.

container home

This fun container home would be great for families with kids (if the inside looks anything like the outside). Chuck E. Cheese, McDonald's and Burger King will lose a little business as who wants to go there when you can bring the good times home.


container home interior

Architect Adam Kalkin has recycled and repurposed this large steel shipping container into a habitable home. Just because it's been repurposed doesn't mean this cargo container has to be boring. This is what happens when you have an eye for interior design and imaginative architectural abilities.


recycled container home

Architect Bernard Morin and Joyce Labelle his wife live in this contemporary container home in Quebec, Canada. Morin used 7 repurposed and recycled cargo containers to build this house which is eco-friendly and at one with nature.


prefab container home

This prefab shipping container home from a company in Boca Raton Florida shows that you can have a modest, yet stylish look and feel to your abode. Some people like to keep it simple, low cost and stylish and this container home does all three.


Looking for a weekend getaway? A New Zealand couple transformed a cargo container into a simple, yet elegant country cabin so they could commune with nature whenever the feeling would strike.
eco container home


These are just a few pictures of container homes featured on this website. Why not explore and see what other container home treasure you may find?

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