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Building a home from steel shipping containers is an original idea that has caught on in the past 5 years. Such homes are functional, sturdy, cheap and easy to maintain.

freitag container shop
Freitag Container Shop

If designed properly, they even look eye-catching and can attract a lot of attention. Here is a list containing some ideas on how to design an original home made of containers:

1. A Tower - containers are stacked on top of one another, forming a tower. Probably the most famous structure designed this way is a Freitag Shop in Zurich, Switzerland. This structure is built of 17 old, well-used shipping containers, rising as high as 85 feet. This is a very unique idea, used to promote the company's eco-friendly policy and their range of products. The company uses recycled materials to make their goods - refitting shipping containers that are no longer used in this way is a very original way of making a statement.

2. Container Cities - rows of containers, arranged in different ways with one objective: to create cheap, convenient and maintenance-free working spaces or storage spaces. This design can be improved very easily by simple means - using different colors of paint can transform the dull steel containers into a colorful structure.

3. Container Shelters - a quick and cheap solution for construction sites, where a lot of workers need to store their equipment, eat their lunch, get changed, etc. Containers can be arranged in a convenient way, depending on the layout of a site. Everything can be customized, from entrances to windows, storage spaces to bathrooms. Bury the shipping container underground and it will become an emergency shelter as well.

4. Seatrain Container Homes - a very original approach to shipping container homes. Two or more containers are placed on top of metal pillars, accessible through custom-made staircases. Each container has one of its walls completely removed on one side - this is where large glass panes go in, transforming the container into a bright apartment. There's even room for a small balcony next to the entrance!

5. Blocks of Living Quarters - a whole fully functional block can be erected from the shipping containers within less than a week. Spaces inside could be arranged according to a specific vision; floors could be easily accessible through internal staircases. All containers have windows on the same side and could be painted in different colors for additional esthetic effect. This type of a structure could be a perfect solution for cheap student accommodation.

6. An Eco-Pod - a small container could be adapted as a small-scale holiday home. With a bit of creativity, walls can be removed or adapted so that they open to the outside. The Eco-Pod can be located on a plot or in a garden and transformed in minutes into a nice little holiday home, equipped with garden furniture, a couch or even a hammock.

7. A Mobile Dwelling - shipping containers are used to traveling. Having a mobile container home can be akin to a mobile home with all the amenities one wants on wheels. Container homes can be designed to be divided into segments, each of them movable, which can be transported with ease all over the world on the back of a truck.

container home eco design
Pictured left is a container home eco design concept.

Conclusion ...

These are seven top container home designs that one can do that will help recycle old used shipping containers, are cheap and affordable and with the right design, can be turned into a stunning work of architectural art. The next Frank Lloyd Wright might just be you.

Credits: Freitag Photo courtesy Ben Bull

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