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Container Home Advantages & Disadvantages

Using shipping containers can be an economical way to build a home, and there are pros and cons to making houses from them. They are very economical to work with, and it costs much less to make a container home than it would to construct a conventional home with the same square footage.

Creative Container Home

Shipping container homes are also an excellent choice since they are Eco-friendly. You will be reusing containers instead of massive amounts of construction materials. Green homes also save energy, which would be used otherwise to scrap a metal container when its useful life is done.

You can use storage containers not only for your primary home, but also for a cabin or a cottage at the lake, if you'd rather have your major home remain conventional. You'll save property tax money with a container home, too.

Shipping containers are meant to endure harsh conditions, and they experience heavy handling in the course of their useful life. This makes them very durable as building "blocks", and they are easy to stack. You can make multi-storied houses with simple cranes, instead of the machinery usually needed for upper level construction in houses.

Over Abundance ...

In the United States, we import so much more than we export, and thus have an excess stock of shipping containers. It's too expensive to move all of them to other cargo-loading locations. Building homes with used containers that would otherwise be abandoned makes good sense. In addition, storage containers are easily put together, and don't take long to assemble, as compared to the time it takes to construct a conventional home.

Of course, like any project, building shipping container homes also has its disadvantages. Since they are made of steel, they get hot in the summer and cold in the winter. You'll need to control the temperatures (and insulate), if you want to remain comfortable.

Simple Container House

The containers used for homes have been heavily used for shipping, and most are old enough to simply be scrapped. You may of rust on containers like this, so pick your containers wisely. The original protective paint may have worn off while they were being used, and the metal might have become damaged. Scratches in the metal are places that will likely rust if not tended to.

Hire a Stripper ...

Shipping containers carry all kinds of goods, and this includes contaminants spilled in the containers. Be sure to carefully strip and then clean any used container.

You will need to have a home site that has enough free space for the containers to be handled while they are being set up. Larger equipment is needed to place the containers where you want them. Once you have the containers modified for your use, they must be put in the right place.

Your Codes May Vary ...

In some residential areas, you won't be able to construct a container home. Codes may restrict the types of houses that are allowed. Check with local building departments before you apply for a shipping container building permit.

Conclusion ...

These are the main advantages and disadvantages of building a home using used shipping containers. If the advantages outweigh the disadvantages for your personal situation, then what are you waiting for? Get started sourcing your container and building your home today.

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